RobBellinger_Cleaver06_summKnown as “Pete Jones” to the locals in tiny Ayden, North Carolina, the Skylight Inn is probably the most famous stronghold of East Carolina barbecue.

In the East Carolina tradition, whole hogs are split down the middle and smoked face-down above glowing oak and hickory coals.  Once cooked, all the meat and skin then get chopped up by hand and mixed with cider vinegar, hot sauce, and salt.

The resulting product, which the locals simply call “barbecue,” is strangely addictive.  The only other foods on the Skylight menu are cornbread (made with drippings from the cooking pigs) and a basic green slaw.  Both accompany the pork perfectly.

We’ve visited the Skylight Inn several times.  Here is what we saw.

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— Rob Bellinger
Photos: Rob Bellinger & Dan Meade
Photos from 2006-2009
Published 11/24/13

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