Summary graphic: A plate of steak tips from Casey's in Sommerville, MA

What are Boston steak tips, why are they delicious, and why are they different from the steak tips in the rest of the country? We’re going to attempt to answer these questions with a series of road (and T) trips throughout Greater Boston.

Summary graphic: A man wearing a white t-shirt and black butcher’s apron slices brisket inside of a trailer.

The Texas BBQ landscape changes more often than you might think. Franklin Barbecue, which in 2010 was two trailers and some chairs in a former gas station parking lot, didn’t even exist two years prior.

Summary graphic: A woman sunbathing at Revere Beach

Nice weather or not, we visit Revere Beach every spring. In 2010 we decided we would hit all three of Revere Beach, Castle Island, and Wollaston Beach.