There’s certainly more to be said – and learned! – about la Barbecue of Austin, TX. The following is simply our first impression of the place.

la Barbecue in Austin, TX shares a building with an Quickie Pickie, a combination that gives off the feeling of a high-end gas station mini-mart. There’s one register for ‘cue, and one for coffee, beer, and groceries. Hipperatti abound. The mustachioed barbecue counterman told me which days are best for return visits after I told him that I recently moved to the city.

It was 3:40 pm on a Friday, and the counterman said that the chopped brisket was the best brisket left. He also said to get it in sandwich form ($12.00) as the bread soaks in the grease. The sandwich tasted like pepper and grease. And brisket. The flavor of the meat is definitely there. I expected as much based on the colors of the brisket (red, pink, black) and the fact that la is run by LeAnn Mueller, a member of the distinguished Mueller family.

The side of slaw was also pepper coated. Mostly black pepper, but there were some larger chunks of red Tien Tsin Chiles (the kind you often find in Kung Pao Chicken) as well. The local Pinthouse IPA recommended by the non-barbecue counterman did in fact pair well with it all.

With the sun shining and creating starkly angled mid-afternoon winter shadows, shifts of the wind blowing smoke over the side tables, and light pop playing… it was all a very warm welcome to the city.

Essay and photos by Dan Meade
Date of visit: 2/14/2020
Date of Publication: 2/20/2020

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