After years of studying the BBQ arts we decided it was time to learn them first hand. Over Labor Day Weekend we assembled the Manic Smoker, bought and seasoned a brisket and stayed up all night smoking it… pretty much replicating the smoking schedule of Snow’s.

Here’s how the process went:


5:55 PM:

7:40 PM:


12:48 PM: (view larger)

6:15 PM: (view larger)

6:46 PM: (view larger)


2:02 AM:

6:42 AM: (view larger)

2:14 PM:

2:22 PM: (view larger)

2:38 PM: (view larger)

5:18 PM:

6:36 PM:

Brisket: Rob Bellinger
Photos: Dan Meade, Melissa Jean Gibson
September 13, 2012