Summary graphic: Keytar Bear, wearing his full-body bear costume, stands on a stage before fans with his hands raised in a “victory” pose.

Keytar Bear is much more complex than his man-in-a-bear-suit act implies. Despite all I’ve learned about him, there are a couple questions I’ve been asking myself that no one else has been able to answer.

Elements of “old” and “new” East Somerville collided during the East End Grille’s Oktoberfest party, and we were able to capture this commingling in one image.

Summary graphic: A photo of the “Zipper” carnival ride in mid-action – the frame of the ride is static, but the ride itself is a blur of motion as it spins its patrons around.

We love Revere Beach. The first public beach in North America, it’s right outside of Boston at the end of the MBTA Blue Line. This weekend, there was an added attraction: a traveling carnival. We stumbled upon the party and shot some of the action: