By the end of the Unstoppable Death Machines’ show the crowd in the mosh pit had been whirling and flailing for almost an hour. Then one shirtless mosher jumped on the back of another and this happened:

They twirled like that for a half dozen rotations, and not once did the smiles leave their faces.

The Unstoppable Death Machines’ show at Shea Stadium (no, not that one) was in honor of their just released record We Come in Peace. Before their set, drummer Billy Tucci, speaking through his mouthpiece/microphone, gave a heartfelt thank you to all those present for their support. Then he and brother Mike Tucci started playing. Loudly.

As the wall of visceral noise grew, the center of the crowd turned into a gyrating well of flying limbs, discarded clothes and more than one enraptured face that should have belonged in a snake-handling religious service. People weren’t just enjoying the show, they were being moved by it.

Admission was $8 and drinks were half that.

The next time you hear of a show you want to go to and consider skipping it, think of the faces of the spinning moshers above. They were glad they went.


CMJ 2011 Day 4: Kvelertak, Skeletonwitch and the Unstoppable Death Machines

 Text & photos: Dan Meade
August 25, 2012