Summary graphic: A man with an “I Heart CP” tattoo over his heart.

The intrepid College Point Pub Crawl 2013 crew visited the College Point Yacht Club’s private bar, then crossed the neighborhood on buses, on foot, and in the bed of a pickup truck to enjoy a fantastic Sichuanese dinner at Little Pepper.

Summary graphic: Dan and Matt holding sticks of Xinjiang BBQ

Normally when we find a barbecue place that we like it’s in a hard to reach small town. Then we rave about these meals to our friends, which often leaves them feeling envious. Fortunately, our College Point Crawls now allow us to bring our friends to a not so far-flung barbecue find.

Summary graphic: A group of people walk to The Pourhouse in College Point, Queens from across the street.

“At the heart of the matter is what it means to be from Queens, a 2.3-million-person slice of New York City that no one beyond its borders knows anything about.”

–Invitation to the first College Point Class Conflict Pub Crawl, October 20, 2006

Summary graphic: A bartender holds up a plastic shot glass to the camera, while multiple arms enter the frame holding up shots toward her.

We have been sponsoring an annual pub crawl in the very-hard-to-reach neighborhood of College Point, Queens since 2006. In 2011, a skeleton crew kept the tradition alive while sampling some increased Chinese influences in the neighborhood.