The College Point Pub Crawl photos always speak for themselves. We proudly present the photos from the 2014 CPC, plus the final map for the 2015 edition! The College Point Pub Crawl 2014 Crew

2014 was the year that the CPC formally spread to Flushing. We spent over six hours on Main Street, enjoying treats from Taiwan, Sichuan province, and northwest China. And then we hit the bars of College Point.

Here is the story in photos. Click one to start the slideshow! Or, scroll down for the 2015 map.



Even though College Point was a little sleepy last year, you wouldn’t know it from the pictures. 7th Gear Bar and Baby Ray’s were both out of business, and we found the Sports Garden shuttered and padlocked (which it is half the time anyway). But that didn’t stop us from making new friends, even at places we hadn’t been for years, like Bar 131.

And, as you can see, food continues to be a big theme of the CPC. Recent decades of immigration from all across Asia, plus Mexico and Central America, have changed the food landscape in Flushing and College Point. We need to work some Spanish food into CPC 2015.


CPC 2015! (UPDATED!)

This year’s CPC happens Saturday, 12.12.15, and it will be the ninth since the CPC started back in 2006. The plan includes three newly opened College Point bars, more Flushing food, and a visit to the Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum.

Though there will be festivities throughout the day, we will be need to be at the private College Point Yacht Club at 6 p.m. sharp. From there, we’ll visit every bar in College Point. One of the bars is brand new, one is at a high-end steakhouse that replaced The Five Corners German Restaurant, and the most bizarre happens to be a hotel bar located in the former Poppenhusen rubber factory, the industrial center around which much of College Point was built.

Whether you’re free for a few hours or much of the day, come out, make some friends, and see how both College Point and the Pub Crawl have evolved.

This map shows where we’ll be, and when. Click the “view larger map” icon for the full version and an explanation of the schedule.

The NINTH ANNUAL COLLEGE POINT PUB CRAWL happens Saturday, 12.12.15. To get ready, why not read the whole Manic American CPC thread for a complete history of the College Point Pub Crawl?


— Rob Bellinger
Photos: Rob Bellinger and Dan Meade
Date of CPCVIII: December 13-14, 2014
Published December 6, 2015
Updated December 10, 2015

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