We’ve had our first joint-inclusion in a photo exhibit: the New York Photo Festival’s 2012 “Feast Your Eyes” show in Brooklyn. The theme of “Feast” is the obsession with food culture, and both of our photos come from previous Texas BBQ Tours.

The NYPH organized “Feast” around the idea that “our fascination with food embraces everything from celebrity chefs to 24-hour cooking channels, and reality competitions. But what does food mean to you? We challenge you to send us your best photo of food, from raw to cooked, from preparation to presentation, and everything in between.” So we sent in a sampling of our work, and two photos from our Texas BBQ Tours were chosen.

Rob’s photo is from Southside Market from TXQI (2008), while Dan’s photo is from the Burnet Feed Store from TXQIII (2010). The other 66 photos included in the exhibit range from still life photos of food in various stages of preparation and consumption, re-imaginings of food scenes from fairy tales, and cooks working in kitchens.

Meanwhile in Texas, the first phase of TXQIV has already begun. Rob arrived in advance of the full team and has been revisiting past favorites including the Taylor Cafe, Franklin BBQ, and Snow’s BBQ. While at the Taylor Cafe he photographed Vencil Mares, the legendary 88-year old owner who gave us a tour of his establishment the last time we were there. TXQIV proper will be held over the extended MLK weekend.

“Feast Your Eyes” runs from January 6-27 at the powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. Full details on it can be found on the NYPH’s website.

We’ll likely organize a viewing of “Feast” towards the end of January. Details about that will be posted to our Facebook page.

-Text & photos: Dan Meade
Published: 1/07/2012

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